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My name is Hailey Ann

Founder of Simplified Space OC

I've lived in south OC my entire life! Ever since I was young, I always found myself wanting to find a place for everything. I spent a lot of my time organizing my home to make sure there was a functional place for each item while also making the space look beautiful. As I got older, I came to realize that it's more than possible to make a career out of what I love to do - organizing and helping others do the same.


Clutter can affect your mental health!

Clutter can affect your mental health in more ways than you may think! A space in disarray can cause lack of productivity, focus, and sleep and may even contribute to heightened anxiety levels. Clutter is known to trigger our avoidance strategies causing one to snack more and do less as well as increase the levels of cortisone (our stress hormone) in our body. 

By clearing the clutter in your home, studies show that you're more able to process information and be productive because you're in a clear space, which allows for a clear mind!

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