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Room Organization Service

This is the point in your organization journey where we come in and transform your space!

Our Process:

  1. We start with decluttering your space!

  2. Begin to categorize you items into groups that work best with your life and your goals

  3. Bring in product that we believe will benefit your space and best meet your needs

    1. Before we begin the purchasing process, we will consult with you during your in-home about the style and budget so we know what to look for when purchasing product

  4. Time to organize your space! This is the fun part for us where we get to take your vision and make it a reality. You just need to sit back and let us do our thing!

Once we finish organizing, we will take your donations and trash and dispose of them at no extra cost!


Starting at $50 per hour depending on the number of team members needed

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